Munich: 29th of July, 2008
Here we go! This is the pre-launch of the official ‘9to5 – Days in Porn’ website. Very soon (just about 2 to 3 weeks), the final site will be up with many great features plus all the information about the documentary that you’ve been waiting for.

This will be just in time for its first public screening. The Montreal World Film Fest will be the first place on the planet to show the movie! The exact screening time will later be announced right here.

What is ‘9to5’ about? Watch the trailer! It’s a documentary that gives you an inside look into the world of porn by portraying the lives of 10 people from the industry that we spent over a year getting to know.

The website will explain everything about the film, its stars, the killer soundtrack and the stories surrounding it. You will find pictures, clips and mini-portraits. As an extra, there will be lots of unused material available, which we will upload regularly for you to see. You will find links to the stars and everybody involved.
This is also where you will be able to contact us regarding any of the questions you might have. And here, of course, is where you will find frequent updates about news, festivals, rumors, screening times and availability.

Spread the word and see what’s coming!